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Our team immediately goes to work, implementing SKUView for you so that you can focus on your business.

We start by integrating the SKUView solution into your WMS and existing software so that you experience full connectivity and real-time updates to inventory logs.


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Next, we provide onsite training for each user on drone operations and management to ensure safety and prevent damage to equipment.

We then offer around-the-clock customer support as well as a maintenance contract so that you can always be up and running.


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Lastly, we deploy the product into your daily operations, completing the simple three-step process within just a few short weeks.

At this point, anticipate a seamless transition as you begin to run inventory checks, execute item look ups, and streamline manual processes within warehouse.


On-Demand Item Locater

No longer do employees need to climb forklifts to search for inventory, Our drone takes over this task as its continuous flight navigates through your warehouse to locate inventory and transmit that data to the operator's smart device. As a result, your workers stay safe while our real-time scanning ability optimizes and streamlines your operations.

Key Benifits

Automated Inventory Check

Keep track of inventory whenever and how often you want. With SKUView, you can ensure accuracy, avoid lost or misplaced goods, and keep up with real-time changes. Our drone does all the heavy lifting as its camera provides live reporting of inventory identification obtained from as high up as 50-60 feet in air.

Key Benifits

Cycle Count Audit

Inventory comes and goes, and pallets get broken up in a warehouse setting, but our easy-to-use iPad app keeps your sustem up-to-date. SKUView seamlessly integrates everything the drone has collected into your existing software, helping you reconcile actual operations in real time.

Key Benifits

Increased Man-Hour Productivity

Multiple employees don't have to roam the warehouse anymore to check inventory. Our drone covers the same amount of ground from an aerial perspective in a fraction of the time, eliminating resources and equipment. Your supply chain can become more efficient so that you can allocate your man hours to the most productive tasks.

Key Benifits

FIFO Storage and Retrieval System

Our SKUView solution makes sure your regulated or dated inventory doesn't get overlooked or left behind. You can rest assure that your products get moved out in chronological order so that you save costs and don't have to dispose any of any assets.

Key Benifits

Warehouse Challenges

A business's inventory represents a significant portion of its assets. Knowing the quantity and location of inventory is crucial for managers and decision makers.

Therefore, companies carrying a large amount of inventory are continually looking for better ways to improve its overall efficiency and effectiveness to overcome the following challanges.

  • Inefficient inventory collection methods
  • Unrellable inventory checks and counts
  • Labor-intensive operations
  • Time-consuming
  • Disruptive to production and workflow
  • Disposal of older inventory


Most of our customers realize a return on their investment within the first 6 weeks of deploying SKUView's drone.

KEY Factors:
  • 1Monthly Lease Cost of Forklift
  • 2Monthly Fuel/Energy Cost Hourly Cost for Operating Drone
  • 3Monthly Salary of One Person


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